Rosetta Stone Error 2125

I started using recently Rosetta stove v3. The application is great and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try to learn a new language. However one day without any warning it stopped working giving me an error of

error 2125: database out of date

Looking at the technical support site of Rosetta I found out that this happens when an online update does not complete. The fix according to their site was to contact their technical support.

Being an impatient person I experimented a bit and found the following fix:

* find the tracking.db3 file in your appdata folder (for windows 7 its C:\programData\Rosetta Stone\tracking.db3 (hidden folder) and rename it to tracking.db3.bak
* Restart the pc
* launch rosetta stone (all your progress has been lost now)
* close the rosetta stone application
* rename tracking.db3.bak to tracking.db3
* Launch the application again and here you go, you can use it again :-)



From the comments below try this instead first, thanks Barry Hanley.

Don’t do any of that. Just go to Start menu. Right click Rosetta stone ver. 3. Click properties. Click compatability, check “run as administrator”. Restart your computer. Bingo! Problem solved

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20 Responses to Rosetta Stone Error 2125

  1. newuserdetroit says:

    I tried this but couldn’t find a tracking.db3 file so instead I spied a updateinstaller.dll file and deleted it and now my program works great!

  2. Harout says:

    Thanks ! It worked !

  3. Merioulli says:

    Perfect ! It worked as well ! :D

  4. Oooooooh, thanks a lot!

  5. Barry Hanley says:

    Don’t do any of that. Just go to Start menu. Right click Rosetta stone ver. 3. Click properties. Click compatability, check “run as administrator”. Restart your computer. Bingo! Problem solved

    • bookman says:

      @Barry Hanley
      I encountered the same 2125 error…searched it online and found this site,and your reply…
      I followed your advice & “didn’t do any of that”,& did what you said…and sure enough…Bingo! problem solved…oh and I didn’t even restart my computer…works fine without restarting!…thanks a great deal…

    • Thank you Barry. I did what you wrote and I have saved all of my progress

    • Kenny says:

      Thank You,Thank You,Thank You,Thank You. So far this worked perfectly. No changes to my PC, no messing with the program files, NOTHING. Such a simple fix. I really appreciate the help.

  6. kunta kinte says:

    thanks Barry, great solution

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  8. Mark Johnson says:

    Windows 8 users; Go to ‘computer’, click local disc C, program files, Rosetta stone, now right click where it says version 3 or whatever, go into the properties, click security, edit, a window will pop up, it will say ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’ ‘CREATOR OWNER’ ‘SYSTEM’ and more, change all the permissions in the tick boxes below to Allow for each one and apply the change in the bottom right hand side. If your on windows 8 you may not need to re boot. I also deleted the update downloader in the Rosetta stone file in C and removed the permission for its access to the internet in ‘allow an app through the firewall’ since I usually find if windows tries to update anything even it’s self things go wrong and i suppose if its not broken don’t fix it.

  9. ildome says:

    I solved simply renaming this file: UpdateDownloader.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone Version 3

  10. Prince says:

    What up guys. Easy fix go to The Rosetta Stone V3 folder @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone Version 3 and just delete this file: UpdateDownloader.dll. It will be an instant fix. Doing it by renaming the tracking.db3 then powering off means that your rosetta profile and progress will not be saved. Peace out.

  11. Steve says:

    run as administrator on windows 8 works perfectly. no need to go through and rename or delete any files.

  12. Minh Vu Duc says:

    Ok, I run as administrator, and then it displayed something and asked me to add languages … I quit the software. I run the software again and it works. Most complicated software ever.

  13. hakim says:

    Thanks a lot!
    It worked for me on windows 8.

  14. Omar says:

    Thanks for this fix!

  15. Michelle Hanson says:

    Any tips for windows 10 users encountering this problem?

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