HP Laserjet 1200 slow printing PDF windows 10

A bit of digging found this fix, which resolved the problem instantly.

Open the pdf document go to

File > Print> Advanced> check the box Print as image, use 300 DPI, problem solved.

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Pending Windows 10 Update is waking my PC

Windows 10 is sitting there, all downloaded and ready to install.  However I have decided on balcne, no flaming chance, at least not yet, not until some of the data protection issues and compatability problems are ironed out.  The big issue is that I thought the Windows 10 Update was stopping my PC from going to sleep (it was sitting there humming away each morning) but it turns out it is waking it up.

To check this run a CMD prompt as an administrator and type


If you see the following then Windows Update (wuauserv) is waking your PC
C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -lastwake
Wake History Count – 1
Wake History [0]
Wake Source Count – 1
Wake Source [0]
Type: Wake Timer
Owner: [SERVICE] \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (wuauserv)

To stop this happening go to

-Start menu -Control panel -Hardware and Sound -Power options -Change plan settings -Change advanced power settings -Sleep -Allow wake timers – Change to Disable -Apply

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Updating Plex on Unraid

The plugin is install on the tower, go to Settings and hit the Plex Icon.  Stop Plex then update and restart.

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Driver problem, system cannot find the file specified

Massive problems today installing my Epson scanner, which worked fine up until a day ago.  Windows would start installing the driver, then error, saying the system cannot find the file specified.  A bit of digging around suggested looking in $windows$\inf\setupapi.dev, (or in my case Windows 7 64 – setupapi.dev.log).

Search through that for “cannot find the file” and just above it should refer to a file location and the file it is looking for, in this case usbscan.sys.  I searched through the windows folder and found it, dropped it into windows/inf, which is where it was looking and the Scanner installed straight away. If you have this issue with other devices, looking in the api log to see what file is missing would be a good place to start, then see if you can drop it where it needs to be. Hope this helped someone.

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USB Audio Headset showing in Device manager but not shown as playback device Windws 7

I’ve spent ages on trying to sort this one out, both my headsets show in Device Manager but they do not appear as playback or recording devices in the Sound Settings.

Turns out the best way to solve this has been to force a driver update,

In Device manager right click and update driver

Click Have disk
Choose from a list and the option for USB Audio Device should show up, choose this and Windows will install an alternative driver and the device should now be selectable in audio devices, which means I can Skype again.

Hope this helps someone!

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Upgrading HTC Desire to Gingerbread 2.3 Problems

In case anyone else is going round in circles with this I had no end of trouble upgrading my HTC in Windows 7 64.


First off I could not get HTC Sync to work, uninstalled, installed the copy from the phone etc etc.  Solution – new cable, it worked straight off.


Next when I ran the RUU software it would error code 171 and the phone was stuck n the HTC screen (Grey writing on black).  I kept rebooting the phone trying again etc etc.  In the end what worked was running it again (as adminstrator – not sure if that was required) when it errored.  So error 171, software quits, screen is HTC logo, run RUU again and it went straight through.

Hope that helps someone.

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Fujifilm Finepix AV10 Manual

Can’t find this anywhere on the web so here is the PDF manual for a Fujifilm Finepix AV10

Finepix AV10 Manual

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